Are smart homes secure? We find out off the back of Intel's Smart Home Survey
Are smart homes secure? We find out off the back of Intel's Smart Home Survey

Are smart homes really secure? Privacy concerns here

A worldwide survey conducted by Intel Security has shown results we expected regarding privacy concerns, but also shows higher expectations of smart home integration in the coming years. The Internet of Things and the Smart Home survey was conducted in July last year by an independent market research provider specialising in the technology sector, they surveyed 9,000 people including 2,500 in the US, 1,000 in the UK and 1,000 in Germany.

Key findings from the Intel Security Smart Home survey.

  1. Common Smart Home Integrations
    The most commonly considered smart devices are smart lighting systems and devices, smart kitchen appliances and smart thermostat boiler systems. One of our most popular enquiries is for Smart Energy Management.
  2. Smart Home Energy Bill Reductions
    Over half of survey respondents expect that both gas and electric bills and expect heating and cooling bills to be reduced in a smart home. With three quarters expect to see personal benefits from these types of systems.
  3. Two Thirds Concerned About Cybersecurity
    A reasonable concern to have in this day-and-age, 66% showed concerns that their personal smart home data could be hacked by criminals or that the technology companies, like Google, will store private data too.

Enquiries to install Smart Home Automation systems are usually around reducing energy bills with integrated systems like Nest or Heatmiser, so we aren’t too surprised by these findings. It’s understandable too, the majority are concerned about privacy and security of data, that’s why we’re specialists in the installation and configuring of Wireless NetworkingThis means we’re experienced in securing WiFi internet within homes much better than the out-the-box solutions that internet providers supply all homes with. There isn’t so much we can do about how the tech companies like Apple or Google secure your data, but what we can do is provide advice on how best to use them and the most appropriate secure set up for your needs.

What exactly is smart home automation?

In the UK, the Department of Trade and Industry define a smart home being:

“A dwelling incorporating a communications network that connects the key electrical appliances and services, and allows them to be remotely controlled, monitored or accessed.”

When talking about being controlled remotely, this means that smart devices can control things both in the property or from anywhere in the world when connected to the internet. And this is a top selling point for integrating smart home automation – especially for home security – being able to arm and disarm the alarm system and look a live video CCTV cameras around the home remotely is a big advancement for technology.

At Unique Tech Solutions, we regularly train in all the new technology systems that are available, but we predominantly use a worldwide market leading smart home automation system called Control4 – these guys are simply the best and are able to integrate with most UK devices, taking the security of customer data very seriously.

Watch Control4′s latest smart home living video:

So, are smart homes really secure?

The short answer is yes. That’s if it’s installed by professional smart home technicians who are able to monitor systems and track activity to ensure security. What smart home technicians also do is make sure that the wireless connection in your home is at the highest level of security, and if it’s not, we’ll advise how best to do so, to suit your requirements. On top of that, all the smart home product companies we’ve partnered with have gone through stringent testing before release – the safety and security of our customers’ data is of paramount importance to us.

Smart home automation is the future, not necessarily for all but, certainly for the majority. With big technology companies showing their hand like Google Home and Amazon Alexa, it won’t be long before smart homes will become the norm. It’s still early days for these types of technologies and smart home devices certainly aren’t without their downfalls. In case you need it, read this helpful guide how to fix common Google Home problems.

We’ve made it our mission to make smart home automation available to more people, where before it’s been a luxury, thanks to our partnership with Control4, we’re able to offer an easily upgradeable start system installed for £495 + VAT. Find out more here: Control4 Smart Home Starter System.

For all things technological. We’re authorised Control4 dealers and professional CEDIA installers with over 20 years industry experience and market leading when it comes to technical installations. Our expert team of friendly tech advisers are always on hand and happy to help, get in touch below or call us on 01202 743231.

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