Best TVs For Less Than £1000 UK
Best TVs For Less Than £1000 UK Review

Best TVs for less than £1000

As picture quality continues to advance and prices at an all-time low, now’s the time to invest in a new TV that’ll be the centrepiece to the living room and home to hours of entertainment each week. To compliment the launch of our Control4 Home Entertainment System we’ve put together a list of the best TVs available for less than £1000, with the help of industry expert and Technical Director Paul Barnett.

The buzzword on the market at the moment is HDR – High Dynamic Range – and rightly so too, HDR TVs will preserve better details in the darker and brighter areas of the picture that you can’t see on non-HDR TVs. It also allows for natural, true-to-life colours, that are closer to what we see in real life. So, starting with our favourite:

Starting at the top, our number one ranking TV for the price is Panasonic’s TX-50DX700B. On offer at the moment on Amazon for £649.99 (that’s a £250 discount), and a refresh rate of 1400Hz, Panasonic have outdone the market with this brilliantly vibrant and fast processing TV. We really like the quick, intuitive home screen too – very easy to setup.

Panasonic 4K TV Review

Coming in at an inch shorter and £100 cheaper than Panasonic’s offering above, Samsung’s is closely matched to with their 4K HDR Smart TV, available for £549 on AmazonThe smooth motion and fast processing rates are great, certainly an improvement on previous models. Colours are slightly over-saturated in HD but look great in Ultra HD.

Samsung 4K LED TV

Sony is a crowd favourite at Unique House – and rightly so. They’re market leaders in high-end home entertainment with their best quality TVs, but what are their sub-£1000 TVs like? Available on Amazon for £949 after being recently reduced from £1199, the image quality is exceptional. At the top end of our feature budget, this TV is certainly worth every penny with an incredible contrast of colours, one of the best HDRs on the market, and a curved profile mean Sony’s offering has no competition for the price point. Really impressive.

Sony Bravia 4K HDR TV

For under £500 at Argos, LG has set the bar with their 49″ 4K offering. It’s not quite as sharp as Panasonic’s and Sony’s but we’re really impressed with this TV set. It looks great on the wall and has decent sound quality straight out the box. Some would say this is a budget set for the price, but it certainly outperforms in the market.


Unique Tech Verdict

For the price, Panasonic’s TX-50DX700B wins it for us. Picture quality is close to Sony’s offering at nearly double the price, and with a very high refresh rate of 1400Hz, you’ll really notice how impressive 4K UHD is watching this box.

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