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Sonance - Beyond Sound

In the world of premium audio and architectural sound, Sonance stands as a brand of innovation and excellence. 

Who is Sonance?

Sonance is a leader in the world of audio technology with a legacy that spans over three decades. Founded in 1983, their commitment to delivering audio solutions that are both aesthetically pleasing and acoustically superior has earned them a prominent place in the audio industry.

What Does Sonance Do?

Sonance specialises in creating audio systems that seamlessly integrate into your living space. Their range of architectural speakers includes in-wall, in-ceiling, and outdoor solutions that redefine the auditory experience. Sonance is not just about speakers; it’s about crafting an acoustic masterpiece within your home.

Immersive Sound

Sonance transforms sound into an immersive experience. Whether you’re watching a movie, hosting a dinner party, or simply unwinding with music, Sonance delivers audio with unprecedented precision, making every moment extraordinary.

Aesthetic Harmony

Sonance speakers are designed not only for superior sound but also to seamlessly blend with your home decor. Your audio system becomes a visual delight, enhancing the aesthetics of your living space.


Every home is unique, and Sonance understands this. They offer customisable audio solutions, ensuring your sound system is tailored to your specific preferences, delivering an audio experience that aligns perfectly with your lifestyle.

Professional Installers if Sonance

We are proud to be authorised installers of Sonance, and we offer expert installation and calibration services to ensure that your Sonance audio system performs flawlessly in your home. Our experienced team will turn your space into an acoustic sanctuary.

Beyond Sound

Sonance is more than just an audio brand; it’s an invitation to elevate your home’s auditory experience. With a commitment to precision, aesthetics, and innovation, Sonance redefines the concept of acoustic excellence. If you’re ready to embrace premium audio and transform your living space into an acoustic masterpiece, Sonance is the way forward. Contact us today to explore the possibilities and resonate with the sound of luxury.

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