Unique Tech & Electrical Installation

Arne House

Project Overview

In October 2020, Unique Tech & Electrical started an extensive project at Arne House, a home located deep into the Purbecks. The client’s initial request was a diverse mix of electrical and technology services. The requests included a complete home electrical refurbishment, garden and driveway lighting, electrification of a new garage, network installation, CCTV and security lighting, a gate intercom system, Control4 home automation, fibre optic cabling, pool lighting and speakers, a golf simulator, bollard lighting, air source heat pump connections, and smart lighting.

Products We Used

To fulfil the client’s requirements, our team used a variety of cutting-edge products and services. Control4 was utilised for home automation, ensuring seamless control of various aspects of the home. Collingwood Lighting solutions were chosen to illuminate the garden and driveway, while Sonance audio solutions were selected to provide high-quality audio experiences. For network installation, Ubiquiti played a large role in establishing a robust network infrastructure. Additionally, KNX intelligent lighting controls and Ekinex home automation integration enhanced the functionality of the space.

Length of Project

The project at Arne House spanned a two-year timeline. Throughout this period, our team worked hard to ensure that all aspects of the project were executed to the highest standards, meeting the client’s expectations and adhering to tight timelines.

Future Works

While the project was initially a contracted job, it has since evolved into an ongoing service. The homeowner’s return for further work, including the integration of an intercom system and the installation of a golf simulator, serves as a testament to the quality of our work. This evolving relationship shows our commitment to providing ongoing support and solutions tailored to the client’s evolving needs.

Challenges Faced

This project presented several notable challenges. The rural location of Arne House posed logistical challenges, including transportation, resource access, and infrastructure installation. The presence of a protected bird site, as designated by the RSPB (Royal Society for the Protection of Birds), necessitated special considerations to minimise disturbances to the local avian population. Additionally, as Arne House is situated in an area of natural beauty, careful management of light levels was crucial to preserve the natural ambience and minimise light pollution.

Customer Satisfaction

The ultimate measure of success in any project is customer satisfaction, and in the case of Arne House, this satisfaction was shown through the client’s return for additional work. They were not only pleased with the results but also demonstrated their trust in our services by choosing us for future projects.

Why Unique?

Unique was selected for the Arne House project by the developer due to the established history built through prior collaborations. The developer’s trust in Unique Tech Solution’s capabilities and commitment to delivering outstanding results led to our involvement in this stunning project.