Unique Tech & Electrical Installation


In May 2020, the Unique Group started a project for CBS, working on newly renovated flats in Bournemouth. The building consisted of 14 individual flats and a communal area. Installations of electrical and mechanical services had to be provided to each room, all containing the same tech devices.

Our team provided electrical work, access control installation, fire AOV systems, pluming and IRS (Aerial and satellite distribution).

For the installations, the following products were used:

  • Heatmiser
  • Envirovent
  • Click Definity
  • British General
  • Collingwood

The joint project between Unique Fire & Security, Mechanical & Electrical and Tech Solutions took 14 months to complete. this was impacted by design and specification changes along with modifications to the agreed plan. Extra services and after has not been requested by the client, leaving the job as a one-time project.