Unique Tech & Electrical Installation

Bournemouth Pier Amusements

What Was The Project?

Unique Tech Solutions undertook an exciting project in February 2022 at the iconic Bournemouth Pier Amusements. The project’s objective was to replace the outdated neon amusement lighting with cutting-edge LED technology, which could be remotely controlled and programmable. This enhancement was not only aimed at modernising the lighting but also at improving its functionality and energy efficiency.

The Initial Request

The client’s initial request was straightforward. They requested the replacement of the ageing neon amusement lighting with new LED lighting that could be remotely controlled and programmed. This upgrade was intended to revitalise the atmosphere and appeal of the Bournemouth Pier Amusements while ensuring more efficient and flexible lighting management.

Products Used

The Gap Lighting LED lights were chosen as the ideal solution to meet the client’s requirements. These lights not only provided energy efficiency but also offered a spectrum of colors and lighting effects that could be remotely controlled and programmed to create captivating visual displays.

Duration of the Service

The entire project was completed within a relatively short timeframe of 3 to 4 weeks, reflecting Unique’s commitment to delivering efficient solutions that minimise disruption to the client’s operations.

Challenges Faced

The project wasn’t without its challenges. Coordinating the installation work with the busy schedules of the arcade, where the entertainment continued around the clock, posed a logistical challenge. To address this, our team scheduled the installation to start early in the mornings before opening hours, ensuring minimal disruption to the arcade’s visitors and operations.

Customer Satisfaction and Testimonial

Bournemouth Borough Council, which oversees the Bournemouth Pier Amusements, expressed their satisfaction with Unique’s work. This satisfaction was a testament to the successful transformation of the lighting system, which enhanced the visual appeal of the amusements and improved energy efficiency. Following this project, Bournemouth Borough Council also entrusted Unique with additional assignments, including work at Christchurch Infants School.

Why Unique?

The choice of Unique Tech Solutions for this project was influenced by our expertise in electrical and intelligent lighting systems. The ability to provide advanced lighting solutions, on top of a previously established positive working relationship with the Bournemouth Borough Council, made Unique the preferred partner for the Bournemouth Pier Amusements upgrade.