Unique Tech & Electrical Installation

Martello Road

Unique Tech & Electrical undertook a significant project for a homeowner on Martello Road, aiming to transform their residence to become more secure, high-tech, and environmentally friendly. The homeowner’s vision included enhancing home security, modernising home automation, and improving outdoor usability and aesthetics, all while reducing the property’s carbon footprint. Unique was selected for this ambitious project due to our comprehensive consultation process, the politeness and professionalism of our team, and our ability to realise the homeowner’s diverse and complex visions. The project was split into three distinct phases to systematically address these goals.

P1: Enhancing Home Security and Modernisation

The first phase of the project began in April 2021 and focused on significantly enhancing home security and modernising the household’s technological infrastructure. A comprehensive Hikvision CCTV system was installed to provide surveillance coverage. Complementing this, a Texecom intruder alarm system was integrated to offer robust protection against unauthorised access.

Recognising the importance of seamless connectivity, we installed a state-of-the-art network/WIFI system using Ubiquiti, ensuring reliable and fast internet access throughout the home. For entertainment needs, Sonos audio systems and various TV installations were incorporated, elevating the home’s audio-visual experience.

Central to this phase was the implementation of the Control4 home automation system, which integrated all the new installations, including the existing heating system, into a single, user-friendly interface. This setup allowed the homeowner to control all aspects of the home’s security, connectivity, and entertainment from one place, increasing convenience and technological sophistication.

P2: Enhancing Outdoor Usability and Aesthetics

Building on the advancements made in Phase 1, Phase 2, initiated in April 2022, aimed to improve the usability and aesthetics of the outdoor space. Unique installed garden lighting, including pond, tree, and exterior house lighting, using Collingwood lighting solutions. Additionally, weatherproof sockets were added to the garden to facilitate outdoor electrical needs, and bollard lighting was installed along the driveway to enhance safety and visual appeal.

All new lighting installations were seamlessly integrated into the existing Control4 system, allowing for centralised control and automation of both indoor and outdoor lighting. This phase not only enhanced the visual appeal of the outdoor space but also significantly improved its functionality and usability.

The key objective of this phase was to transform the outdoor space into a more usable and aesthetically pleasing environment.

P3: Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

The final phase, completed in February 2024, focused on sustainability and energy efficiency, reflecting the homeowner’s passion for environmental conservation. Additionally, we extended the WIFI network to an outbuilding using Ubiquiti, ensuring comprehensive connectivity across the entire property.

A significant addition was the installation of solar panels, specifically Trina panels, complete with a solar diverter and bird-proofing measures. To utilise the panels to their full potential, we incorporated three SolarEdge batteries for efficient energy storage. The client’s passion for helping the environment didn’t stop there, as two Samsung heat pumps were installed, with the homeowner opting for grey models to match their aesthetic preferences. 

All of these systems were again integrated into the Control4 system, allowing for streamlined management of the new heating system alongside existing smart home features.

Challenges Faced

Throughout the project, Unique encountered and overcame several challenges. The installation of bollard lighting posed logistical difficulties due to the length of the driveway. Additionally, ensuring maximum internet speed in all rooms was challenging due to the thick walls characteristic of the building’s construction. Despite these hurdles, the team’s expertise and problem-solving skills ensured successful completion of all tasks.

Why Unique Was Chosen

The homeowner chose Unique for this comprehensive project due to their thorough consultation process and our ability to transform the client’s vision into reality. They appreciated the team’s politeness, professionalism, and our capability to execute a wide range of advanced technological and aesthetic enhancements.

The Martello Road project stands as a testament to Unique Tech & Electrical’s ability to deliver comprehensive, high-tech, and sustainable solutions tailored to the specific needs and aspirations of our clients.