Unique Tech & Electrical Installation

Orchard Avenue

Project Overview

Unique Tech & Electrical undertook a significant project at Orchard Avenue, commencing in October 2022. This project was centred on providing a full range of electrical and technology services for the client’s newly built property. The scope included the installation of electrics, home automation, intelligent lighting, network infrastructure, and the integration of an Electric Vehicle (EV) charger.

The Initial Request

The client’s initial request was clear. They wanted to equip their newly constructed property with a host of modern technology, including state-of-the-art electrics, home automation for enhanced convenience and security, intelligent lighting for ambience and energy efficiency, a robust network infrastructure, and the installation of an EV charger to accommodate the future of electric vehicles.

Products Used

Unique selected a range of high-quality products to meet the client’s requirements:

  • Click Definity Wiring Accessories: Click Definity Wiring Accessories were used to provide reliable and aesthetically pleasing solutions for the property’s electrical needs.
  • KNX Intelligent Lighting: KNX Intelligent Lighting technology was employed to enable intelligent and energy-efficient lighting control, enhancing both convenience and energy savings in the property.
  • Sync EV Charger: The installation of a Sync EV Charger prepared the property for the future of electric vehicles, providing a convenient and efficient charging solution.
  • TP-Link Omada Network Point: TP-Link Omada Network Points ensured robust and reliable network connectivity, supporting the demands of a connected home.
  • Control4: Control4 served as the central hub for home automation, offering comprehensive control of various smart devices and systems in the property, ensuring seamless and integrated living.

Duration of the Service

The entire project extended over a year, reflecting the scale and complexity of the services provided. This one-year timeline demonstrated our commitment to delivering high-quality solutions while ensuring minimal disruption to the client’s activities.

Ongoing Service and Future Plans

Although the primary project was completed within the year, an ongoing maintenance contract was established to provide continuous support and upkeep for the home automation and network systems. Additionally, the client is looking to explore a future solar installation, highlighting their commitment to sustainable living.

Challenges Overcome

The project was completed without encountering any significant challenges. The smooth execution of the project is a testament to Unique’s expertise and experience in delivering tailored solutions for tech and electrical installations.

Control4 Tablet on table

Why Unique?

The client’s choice of Unique for this project was influenced by their pre-existing relationship with the company,  through their work as a local tradesman. Additionally, the positive collaboration with Unique’s Fire & Security division, which had previously carried out work for the client’s business, further solidified their trust and confidence in Unique as a reliable and capable service provider.