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What Was The Project?

In 2021, Unique Tech & Electrical were approached by a developer to complete a complex residential project in Canford Cliffs, providing a comprehensive electrical and home automation solution for a large luxury home under construction.

Scope of Work

Our primary objective was to oversee all electrical aspects of the construction project and integrate cutting-edge home automation features. The project included the installation of intelligent lighting, a robust internet network, state-of-the-art CCTV surveillance, and an intruder alarm system. Key products utilised for this project were Control4 for Home Automation, KNX for smart lighting, Hikvision for the CCTV, Ubiquiti for the Internet network, and Orluna for all downlighting.

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Project Timeline

The project was carried out over 12 months, from the initial planning and design phases to the final installations and quality assurance processes.

Client's Bespoke Programming Requirements

One of the most significant challenges the team came across during this project was accommodating the client’s bespoke programming requests. The client had specific, requirements for how the home automation and lighting systems should function. Making sure we met these demands required a high degree of customisation and attention to detail, adding extra complexity to the project.

Customised Integration

To meet the client’s unique programming requirements, our team worked closely with the homeowner. We implemented tailored solutions within the Control4 and KNX systems, ensuring that every aspect of the home automation and lighting responded precisely to their preferences.

Client Feedback

Upon project completion, the client expressed their satisfaction with the work carried out. They were particularly pleased with the ability to control every aspect of their home, from lighting moods to security systems, with ease and precision.

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Building Strong Relationships

Unique’s history of collaboration with the developer initially secured this project, and it has since developed into a strong working relationship with the new homeowner. We continue to provide support and have undertaken various additional projects and odd jobs.


Unique Tech & Electrical showed our expertise in executing a comprehensive electrical and home automation integration project. Despite the challenges caused by the bespoke programming requirements, our team successfully delivered a solution that met the client’s expectations and has since created a good relationship with both the developer and the homeowner.