Unique Tech & Electrical Installation

Windmill Lane

In October 2018, a client reached out to the Unique Group with the intention of streamlining their new home renovation project. They sought a single contractor to handle all aspects of lighting and smart home installations.

Project Scope

Following an initial consultation, the client made several key decisions regarding the scope of the project. These decisions included the installation of lighting control, an audio system, solar panels, Control4 integration, a cinema room setup, security cameras, and electric vehicle (EV) chargers.

Collaborative Execution

To bring this ambitious project to fruition, Unique Tech Solutions and Fire & Security collaborated closely under the umbrella of The Unique Group. This joint effort spanned a total of 12 months.

The project’s success hinged on the engineers’ ability to work closely with the client to ensure that the end results aligned precisely with the client’s vision. As the project progressed, modifications to the property’s layout were deemed necessary, resulting in alterations to the original plans. This adaptability was crucial in meeting the evolving needs of the client and the project’s success.

Project Completion and Aftercare

Upon project completion, The Unique Group continued its commitment to the client by providing comprehensive aftercare and ongoing services. This included continued support for all electrical and smart home installations.

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