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Electrical Safety Checks

What do you need to know?

An Electrical Safety check is a document that confirms that all fixed wiring within individual properties are in working order and are safe to use. It has recently been announced that these checks are going to become mandatory for new and existing tenancies. Private landlords and Flat Management companies in the Dorset and Hampshire area should be aware of their obligations, and that is where Unique Tech Solutions step in to help.

New Tenancies

From the 1st July 2020, all new tenancies are going to require a certificate that confirms the property has undergone and passed its mandatory Electrical Safety checks.

The new regulations will apply to all properties across the private rented sector, including houses in multiple occupation (HMOs), although lodger arrangements where the tenant shares accommodation or amenities with the landlord or their family are excluded. These regulations will replace the existing requirements for HMOs regarding electrical installation testing and inspection.  

Testing an RCD (Residual Current Device) on a UK domestic electrical consumer unit or fuse box

Current Tenancies

For current tenancies, these checks are required to be in place by 1st April 2021. Due to technicalities, unless there is written confirmation a tenancy lasts longer than a month, they will be seen as a periodic tenancy. In the eyes of the law, a periodic tenancy is rolling by week or month, so it’s important to aim to have these done by the 1st July 2020.

Having Your Property Checked By an Unique Electrician.

The Electrical Safety check needs to be renewed every five years. If you get a new tenant within those five years, a new check is required before they move in.

As a landlord or management company, you need to ensure the certification of the check covers the following;

  • What was checked in the property
  • The date the check was completed
  • Whether everything is all okay or if further work will be required
  • What work would be required and how urgent is was
  • The renewal date for the next Electrical Safety check

Once the check has been completed, the tenant will need a copy of the certification within 28 calendar days of the test being done, not of the certificate being issued. As a landlord, you need to keep a copy of the original certificate, and keep the last tested dates and renewal dates on file.

Remedial works listed on the certificate need to also be completed within 28 calendar days from the check, not the certification issue. Once your Unique Electrician has been back to complete the work, we will issue you written confirmation of what work has been done, and that the property now meets the Electrical Safety Standards. This cannot be verbal and needs to be written confirmation. Once you have obtained this, you will need to give a copy along with the original certificate to the tenants. Again, this needs to be done within 28 calendar days of the work being completed. 

If you do not have these completed by the above dates stated, you are at risk of receiving a fine. Make sure you know what Regulations you need to follow, and what obligations you have. If you would like to have a discussion with any of our qualified electricians, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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