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A Guide To Choosing The Right TV Size

Best size screen for TV and Home Cinemas

With advancements in screen technology and the growing popularity of 4K Ultra HD displays – bigger is always better – especially as frame rates are increasing as the definition does too, so our eyes don’t have to work as hard to follow the action on screen, nor do we have to be as far away from it.

To make sure our customers get the most immersive viewing experience from their visual displays and truly appreciate the definition, here’s the simple trick that we use as a starter-for-ten when recommending screen sizes relative to closest and furthest viewing distance for the size of your room.

  1. Find the height (not diagonal) of the desired screen display e.g. 60 inches
  2. Multiply height 60 inches x 2 = 120 inches to find the closest viewing distance
  3. Divide 120 inches by 12 to get the distance in foot measurement = 10 feet

So, for a screen height of 60 inches, the closest viewing distance is 10 feet away. For the furthest viewing distance you would want for a screen that tall, just do the original sum but multiply the screen height by 4 instead of 2.

Square image of smart TV Hung about a lounge fire place

Viewing Distances Chart

For standard retail diagonal screen measurements (if you don’t have the height of the screen to hand) check out the below visual representation. For example, along the bottom there’s the size of the screen, track up to your screen’s resolution line (1080p, 4K etc.), then you’ll find the optimal distance in your room to view the display from.

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