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Internet Provider Wireless Routers Aren't Robust or Reliable Enough

We provide connected Wireless Network Solutions for a wide range of organisations in the Public Sector with products and services flexible enough to suit the needs of all.

Our expert knowledge, extensive research, and our years of experience with Wireless Network Solutions assures our customers that they’re getting secure, reliable, easy to manage high performance networks.

We’ve been powering organisations across Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset for many years; it’s our personable, reliable service that inspires trust within organisations and we foster these relationships as time goes on.

Wireless Access Points Using Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

Our Wireless Network Solutions for the Public Sector bring about robust, stable and secure wireless access to business organisations no matter how big or small. The latest generation of wireless access points offers seamless connectivity, like it should be, with clever traffic segmentation and centralised management for a wireless network that’ll always be productive.

With our Wireless Access Points you’ll get:

  • Higher performance with wider coverage
    faster data transmission feeds with gigabit WiFi 802.11ac technology, connect more devices, run unlimited apps, and still keep your network more efficient.
  • A simple installation and deployment
    Our technicians will install and deploy these access points within the organisation and alongside an intuitive web-based configuration and integrated setup wizard.
  • The ability to scale up to more devices
    Easily expand wireless coverage with controller-less technology, without the need for additional hardware, to connect to multiple different points.
  • Professional mobile guest experiences
    Give your guests a professional looking, and performing, highly secure access login with a customisable page for better user experiences.
  • Robust stable network security
    Advanced encryption and security protocols, as standard, to make your wireless network just as secure as your wired network.

Our Wireless Network Solutions use Power over Ethernet that allows a single CAT5 cable to provide both data connections and electrical power to PoE devices, like Wireless Access Points, VOIP Telephones, and IP CCTV Camera Systems.

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