QMotion Blinds UK - Smart Automated Shade Control
QMotion Blinds UK - Smart Automated Shade Control

Smart silent motorised blinds with manual override

The future of blind control is here. QMotion Blinds UK has given the market a competitively priced product that ticks all the possible requirements of a smart home automated blind system and we love it. When it comes to the best window shade solutions available in the UK, these guys really are in a league of their own. As authorised installers of QMotion Blinds based in Dorset, we’re happy to help with any enquiry you may have on 01202 743231.

4 best features of QMotion Blinds UK

  1. Remote controlled via your smart device
    Use your smartphone or tablet to control the blinds using the QMotion app and we can even program them into an existing Control4 system to control blind movement and set timers to rise in the mornings and close at night.
  2. Battery power low voltage means silent operation
    The virtually silent mechanism won’t disturb the peace and serenity of your rooms when operated. The multi-function remote control allows you to control one or multiple blinds at once with a patented manual override.
  3. Manual override feature on a motorised blind
    No other blind manufacturer can do this without damaging the motor. It’s a great feature especially if you’ve misplaced the remote and don’t have your smart device on you. Simply tug the blind to activate open or close.
  4. Over 600 different styles of fabric to choose from
    The fabric selection has been sourced predominantly from suppliers in the UK and Europe providing high quality design-based fabrics in an array of colours and textures for you to choose from whichever suits your home.
QMotion Blinds Control
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New motorised drapery rods for curtains

QMotion is, once again, leading the way with their new trackless motorised drapery rods for curtains. A silent motor, wire-free installation and designed to look like a typical curtain pole with all the mechanics housed within the rod itself, this premium product has functionality that far surpasses any other system on the market at that price.

QMotion drapery rod curtain poles

With an impressive battery life and a completely wireless installation, these silent motorised blinds are now available in the UK and Unique Tech Solutions are experienced installers with stock available for demonstration. Watch the QMotion Blinds UK review from our partners across the pond in the US and look out for a demonstration video soon:

Unique Tech Verdict

When it comes to smart home automated blinds that are controllable from your smart device, it doesn’t get better than QMotion for the cost. With a completely wireless operation, battery powered silent motor and a plethora of different styles available, it’s tough to beat this competitively-priced window shade solution available in the UK.

For all things technological. We’re authorised Control4 dealers and professional CEDIA installers with over 20 years industry experience and market leading when it comes to technical installations. Our expert team of friendly tech advisers are always on hand and happy to help, get in touch below or call us on 01202 743231.

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