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Smart Technology Minimises The Need For Human Intervention

Technology over the past decade has been continually developed to serve a purpose that makes our lives easier; whether it’s simple things like being able to order the weekly shopping online or paying at the checkout with our smartphones, in the near future, we’ll be able to book a driverless Uber by asking Smart Home Assistant Alexa whilst getting ready. It really is quite astonishing the technological advancements in such a short period of time when you think about it.

Smart home automation means giving remote control to multiple different functions of your home and the joy of it means you can choose which ones depending on your needs. The popular automation options are lighting, heating, sound system, TVs, CCTV cameras, and alarm systems, they all sit on a secure network linked to your smart devices.

Centralise the Media in Your Home and Distribute to Rooms

Automating your music, TV, and movie systems probably won’t save you much money, unlike our Energy Management Systems, but they will save you plenty of time. With the remote control being your smart device, there’s no more having 5 different controls for 5 different media boxes.

Find out more about our Control4 Home Entertainment System.

  • Multi-room Sound Systems
    Centralise the music system to one control panel / smart device and distribute it to all the chosen rooms in the house; before you know it there’ll be Bublé playing in the kitchen, Motown on in the man-cave and One Direction in the kids’ bedrooms.
  • Multi-room Smart HDTVs
    Never miss a show again with integrated TV applications like Netflix and BBC iPlayer at your fingertips with your smart device as the remote control. Forgot to record that program you’ve been meaning to watch and you’re out for the evening? Simply log in and press record, as easy as that.
  • All your favourite Movies
    The Control4 Home Automation System can be programmed to have all the movies you could ever want to be built in, and regularly updated, so you’ll never be stuck for something to watch. The server is located in the control tower and distributed to all the rooms.
Control4 Media Remote
Security system shown on TV Screen hung on the kitchen wall

Stay On Top Of Home Security by Controlling These Too...

Working with Unique Fire & Security, we ensure that all systems – Home Automation Dorset included, – work with one another. So if you decide to update your Home Burglar Alarm System or add cameras to your CCTV System, it’ll all be synced and work like clockwork. Running on the same secure network and backed up by our servers plus then further 24 hour customer support line.

  • Home Burglar Alarm System
    Integrate your alarm system into the same control unit as with all the above and make sure you know your home’s armed when everyone’s out and you’re at work or on holiday. There’s a history log to see who’s been in and out too, so great for family homes, student accommodation, or landlords with HMOs too.
  • CCTV Camera System
    Be notified on your smart device right away when there’s movement detected on your CCTV Camera Systems and log in to watch the live feed as it’s happening. You can also check previous recordings as they’re all saved on a secure network.
  • Door Entry System
    Need notifying if someone’s at your front door, or if the buzzer has rung at your front gates? Not a problem, we can integrate the control system on your phone to your Door Entry System so you know who’s been at, or around, your home.

Monitor Energy Usage in Your Home to Reduce Energy Bills

Taking power back from the major energy suppliers, you’ll be able to control the environment in your home, making sure you don’t overspend on energy. Being able to monitor usage in real-time and compare previous weeks means there won’t be a penny spent too much than what has been used.

  • Smart home monitoring is the future and it’s available today. Analysing your energy usage in real-time and controlling energy expenditure is high on the agenda of UK homeowners, the rising cost of energy and its increasing demand, your home needs to be smart in order to keep bills as low as possible.

  • Monitor your home’s energy efficiency with smart heating controls, we’re also installers of self-sufficient Renewable Energy Systems like Solar Thermal and Biomass Boilers.

  • More than just mood lighting. Our systems aren’t like traditional lights – the power doesn’t run through the switch – the light fitting is wired directly back to a smart device allowing control of all the lighting from any switch.

  • Need to simulate that your home is occupied? Simply use your smart device to close the curtains and turn the lights on, or turn them off and open them if you happen to have forgotten on a cold winter’s morning.

  • Hot summer’s day and your pet has been indoors for too long? Cool the house down remotely from work or if you’re out and about for too long. Make sure only the bedrooms are cool at night to save on energy bills with zone control.
Control4 Thermostat Controls

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