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Ultimate Immersive Film-Watching Experience for Dorset Homes

Nothing quite comes close to sitting down and watching your favourite films with your family friends in your own home – but with that cinematic experience. The stunning high definition and surround sound has to be seen and heard to be believed.

Here at Unique Tech Solutions we’ve been designing and installing as Home Cinemas Dorset for many years, with our talented team of Control4 authorised installers, always keeping up with the latest technology. We fit the best available equipment, and importantly, install the most exhilarating home cinema experiences.

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The Best in Class for Home Cinemas Dorset

Our talented team designs home cinema rooms with the overall experience as a top priority. We always go the extra mile to ensure we completely understand our customers’ needs and by working closely with architects and interior designers, all our customers to date have been blown away by our installations, and happy days all around.

Film Fanatics
The complete cinema experience in the comfort of your own home. Does it get much better than that? Host weekly film nights with all your family and friends, sit down and watch the latest releases from the cinema, your favourite classics in Ultra High Definition or the latest popular Netflix series on the big screen.

Sports Fans
Big screens are meant for big sporting occasions. Watch the very best sporting action on the very best in-screen technology installed by Unique. “It’s as if you’re really there” – we get this all the time when we play sports through our High Definition LED displays and 4K projector screens. Sport has never looked so good.

Game Players
When it comes to total immersion within the gaming environment, dedicated home cinema rooms are the one. We’re experts in High Fidelity sound systems intelligently designed to feel as if you’re in the game. It’s quite frankly, the ultimate immersive gaming experience, second to none. Gaming was made for Ultra High Definition.

Customers who choose Unique for Control4 Home Cinemas Dorset want to replicate the cinematic experience with, quite literally, unbelievable visual displays and immersive three dimensional surround sound systems that make you feel like you’re really there. Speak to one of the team today on 01202 743231.