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Wireless Network Internet

Guaranteed Extended Coverage Throughout the House

Wireless network technology has completely evolved the way we live our lives in the UK and is the heart of over 70% of homes. As more smart connected devices enter the home, the need for a WiFi Improvement Service to ensure fast browsing speeds, total household coverage and a high secure network is top priority for homeowners.

Common reasons for underperforming WiFi:

  1. The wireless network is sat on the same frequency as other signals in the area.
  2. Structural wireless black spots within the home are prohibiting the full range.
  3. The signal coming through from the broadband provider is poor at the origin.

Using Network Access Points (NAPs) to build a strong signal from the primary router throughout the house is a much more effective way of improving WiFi internet speed than single range extenders, they act like secondary routers similar to ones that you’ll have received by your broadband provider. NAPs come in have different strengths and size ranges depending on the layout of the house, and because not every house is built the same, how can one out-the-box solution work for everyone?

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Broadband Provider Routers Aren't Made for Speed or Security

mission to utilise our technical knowledge and skills to improve the internet speeds in homes across Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset with our WiFi Improvement Service. The broadband providers advertise internet speeds well in excess of what they know is provided with their out-the-box solutions. We’re here to change that.

Using our popular home WiFi Improvement Service, we can guarantee to extend and increase the coverage or range of your wireless signals by installing tried and tested WiFi modems, with extenders available as Access Points in weaker areas of the home, guaranteed to improve WiFi connection speeds.

Among the equipment we use is the latest 802.11 Wireless Technology including Single Band 2.4 GHz router extenders, Dual Band 2.4 Ghz – 5 GHz router extenders and Powerline Wireless Networking Kits. All the aforementioned come in with data transmission speeds and signal strenghs ranging from 30 Mbps, 60Mbps, up to 300Mbps to over 1Gbps to suit your individual requirements.