Safe Internet Day 2017 UK with Unique Tech Solutions
Safe Internet Day 2017 UK with Unique Tech Solutions

Be the change for Safer Internet Day 2017 UK

February 7th marks Safer Internet Day across the world; a great global initiative that inspires parents and carers to talk to their young ones about making the internet a better place, teaching safe practices, and activating parental controls protecting from inappropriate content online. Here’s a few words from the CEO of Childnet:

“We know that Safer Internet Day can have a hugely positive impact… the collective action last year reached 2.8 million UK children and 2.5 million UK parents, with the majority going on to speak their families about staying safe online”  – Will Gardner UK Safer Internet Centre

From our point of view, at Unique Tech Solutions, we are regularly asked about internet safety by parents when we’re booked for a WiFi Improvement Service or when we install Home Automation Systems to best protect the privacy of their data. It’s a top priority for parents and homeowners in this day-and-age, and we’re happy to be of service especially the Safer Internet Day 2017 UK, there are great resources on the Poole Family Information website if you’d like to read more. Supporting your young ones, staying safe online from the UK Safer Internet Centre:

  1. Be engaged
    Talk regularly with your children about how they use technology, and find out what their digital life is like, including how they communicate using images and videos,. Start off by discussing your favourite emojis.
  2. Be aware 
    Explore online features of the devices you already own and the one’s your children have or could have in the future. Knowing how to activate and use parental controls can help protect your child from inappropriate content.
  3. Be there for them 
    The most important thing is to ensure that you are there if something goes wrong. Your child might embarrassed to discuss the issue they are facing so reassure them that they can turn to you no matter what.
  4. Be thoughtful 
    Encourage your children to think critically about the things they see online including the images and videos they view on social media. Discussing what they’ve seen and the message behind photos can help them consider.

Watch: Safer Internet Day 2017 UK – a film for parents and carers:

Read the UK Safer Internet Centre’s guide on striking up conversation about online activity.

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