Unique Tech & Electrical Installation

Case Studies

Martello Road

Unique Tech & Electrical undertook a significant project for a homeowner on Martello Road, aiming to transform their residence to become more secure, high-tech, and environmentally friendly.

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Orchard Avenue

Unique Tech & Electrical undertook a significant project at Orchard Avenue, commencing in October 2022. This project was centred on providing a full range of electrical and technology services for the client’s newly built property.

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Pearce Avenue Render

Pearce Avenue

In 2021, Unique Tech & Electrical were approached by a developer to complete a complex residential project in Canford Cliffs.

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Knolldown House


In January 2020, Unique Group received a request from a client to work on a newly built home and a recently converted barn located in the picturesque Purbecks.

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Windmill Lane

In October 2018, a client reached out to the Unique Group with the intention of streamlining their new home renovation project.

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Voyager House

In April 2021, Unique Tech Solutions started working on an electrical project at Voyager House for CBS (Complete Building Services).

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Arne House

In October 2020, Unique Tech & Electrical started an extensive project at Arne House, a home located deep into the Purbecks.

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In May 2020, the Unique Group started a project for CBS, working on newly renovated flats in Bournemouth.

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